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> Advantages of “TEX-POWER”Rachat Lashing Products

1. A wide range of selection from various colors and width.
2. Easy use with auto length adjustment and buckle click.
3. Less damage to the cargo on load.
4. Ultra indurative material secures the durability.
5. Able to protect from damages by using appropriate hookes(fitting) by characteristics of the cargo and vehicles.
6. Available customized print.

> 1"(25mm)Ratchet Tiedown

TC25SH Cam buckle with S hook end
TR25JH Ratchet buckle with J hook end (Red)
TR25JH Ratchet buckle with J hook end (Blue)

> 2"(50mm)Ratchet Tiedown

TR50FH 2”x10,000lbs(4,500kg) Break Load
TR50FH-S2”x11,000lbs(5,000kg)Break Load
TR50JH 2”x10,000lbs(4,500kg) Break Load
TR50JH-S 2”x11,000lbs(5,000kg) Break Load

> End Fitting for 2"Ratchet Tiedown

TR50UH Hook and Keeper
TR50FG Forged hook with triangle
TR50FS Flat snap hook
TR50TS Twisted snap hook

> Logistic system

Logistic system with overcenter buckle logistic system with ratchet buckle

> 3"(75mm) & 4"(100mm) Ratchet Tiedown

TR75JH 3”(75mm) Ratchet Tiedown with J hook
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