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Polypropylene yarn  
Denier Tenacity
300Denier 3~3.5gr/Denier
450Denier 3~3.5gr/Denier
600Denier 4.5~5gr/Denier
900Denier 4.5~5gr/Denier
900Denier 6.5~7gr/Denier
1700Denier 6.5~7gr/Denier

White/Black/Various Colored yarn avalible.

> Polypropylene Webbing

Polypropylene Webbing   In 1957, Firstly mass-produced in Italy . The lightest and the most economic synthetic filament, Once called as "Dream Fiber" thanks to the good properties, light, strong and the lowest price. And now Widely used for the industrial purposes as the substitute for Nylon & polyester filament.
- Easy Coloring
- Light, Strong & Economical
- Zero moisture content
- Using : School Bag, School bag, sports sack, pet strap and other industrial etc.
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